About me ...

I used to spend all day and every day working with paints and glazes, ceramics and kilns. In those days I enjoyed my work as an artist instructor, my wife and I had our own studio - Studio Minerva.

Recession took it away from us and we both got real jobs. That was nearly 20 years ago, now it is time to break out the brushes ...

I am the editor of The Decorative Folk Artist, the quarterly newsletter of the British Association of Decorative and Folk Art, BADFA. But although I am surrounded by painters I rarely get to indulge. Today I went to an altered art class run by Andy Skinner, we spoke of times past, present and future.

Now I must paint.

This blog keeps separate my writing (scratchypen.wordpress.com), motoring (kim53.blogspot.com) and  arty stuff. Here we go!

(Oh, the name of the blog - maybe I'll explain someday)


  1. My mother used to be a ceramic teacher here in the states, so know that Duncan name well! She had her own kiln until a few years ago. My favorite technique is dry brushing, but since she began teaching when I was eight and that was many moons ago, I've learned many painting techniques like glazing, airbrushing, etc.. Many of the ceramic shops have gone out of business here also, but there are a few still around, doing painting-by-number molded dishware and throwing pots mostly. Have a great day!